Painting 8. Home Leave and Malaria

Charley went home on leave. April 1917

“---- Derby where I was met at the station by my girlfriend, Frances, and my Aunt Lottie Rice. What a happy reunion I had with my parents, sisters and brother Humphrey. My other three brothers were already with the fighting forces in France.”

On Easter Sunday we all went to Elvaston church. It was a beautiful Spring day, and the churchyard was bright with daffodils. I remember pausing at the gate taking in this typically English scene, surrounded by friends and with the church bells ringing. I thought of my mates living like rats and dying – what for? – so that those left behind, and those to come after, could enjoy the peace I was experiencing.”

Four days before Charley was due to return to duty he developed a very bad attack of malaria. His doctor informed his regiment and he was granted a further two weeks leave to recover.  


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