Painting 7. Flies, Germs & Sickness

The fighting dragged on with many deaths and much sickness. Charley doesn’t say much about the conditions but other accounts tell of the dirt and the flies which swarmed and landed everywhere they could in inconceivable numbers on the men. The men suffered badly from sickness and in October Charley succumbed to dysentery.

“I was attending daily sick parades until one night I passed out, but for how long I have no idea because when I came to my senses I found myself in a military hospital in Alexandria. After about a month I was transferred to a convalescent camp nearby, and then in December I was passed fit and returned to my regiment The Derbyshire Yeomanry.”

When he rejoined his old troop he found that the infantry equipment had been discarded and they were once again a cavalry unit.

“The camp was at Giza near to the Pyramids. It took me some time to get re accustomed to the saddle as from being a strong lad weighing twelve stones I had come down in weight to eight stones. I could mount alright but once in the saddle it felt as though my arse bones were pushing my neck out of joint. However I mastered this discomfiture in time”

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